Claunster | FAQ

Frequently asked questions

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What is Claunster?

Claunster is a place where businesses and people engage in sharing information about a product or service in one single platform.

How does a Talk work?

A talk helps you start a conversation among Claunster users and businesses. If you have any questions regarding a product or service just click on "Post Talk" and write your question and users who have experience in using the product or businesses who are able to service your need will respond to you.

What is a Claunst?

Using a Claunst you are able to answer to someone's talk or provide content to a talk. Anyone can comment on your Claunsts.

Am I charged when using Claunster?

No you are not charged for using Claunster. Claunster is a platform that can be used free of charge.

How do I post a question on Claunster?

On Claunster, you can click on "Post Talk" button on the top right corner of the page in the browser or bottom right floating icon on mobile and type in your question.